Austin Concert Setlists

City Austin, TX, United States

Located on The University of Texas at Austin campus.

Jul 25 2020

Holy Wave at Unknown Venue, Austin, TX, USA

  1. Habibi
  2. Interloper
  3. I'm Not Living in the Past Anymore
  4. She Put a Seed in My Ear
  5. Schmetterling
  6. Adult Fear
  7. Escapism
  8. Do You Feel It?
  9. Hell Bastards
  10. Buddhist Pete
  11. Maybe I Can Cry
  12. Western Playland
Jan 5 2020

MDC at Unknown Venue, Austin, TX, USA

  1. Chicken Squawk
  2. Soup Kitchen Celebrity
  3. I Hate Work
  4. I Remember
  5. Let's Kill All the Cops
  6. Going Nowhere Faster Than You
  7. Just for Today
  8. John Wayne Was a Nazi
  9. My Family

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