Valley Forge Music Fair Devon Concert Setlists

City Devon, PA, United States (near Philadelphia)
Open 1955 - 1996
Dec 8 1996

Foreigner at Valley Forge Music Fair, Devon, PA, USA

  1. Long, Long Way From Home
  2. Double Vision
  3. Head Games
  4. Cold as Ice
  5. Rain
  6. Blue Morning, Blue Day
  7. Waiting for a Girl Like You
  8. Feels Like the First Time
  9. Urgent
  10. Dirty White Boy
  11. I Want to Know What Love Is
  12. Juke Box Hero
  13. ...
Dec 8 1996

Eddie Money at Valley Forge Music Fair, Devon, PA, USA

  1. Two Tickets to Paradise
  2. I Wanna Go Back
  3. We Should Be Sleeping
  4. Gimme Some Water
  5. No Control
  6. Take Me Home Tonight
  7. Think I'm in Love
  8. Peace in Our Time
  9. Walk on Water
  10. Shakin'
Dec 8 1996

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