Victoria Memorial Arena Victoria Concert Setlists

City Victoria, BC, Canada

1925 Blanshard Street
Victoria, BC V8T 4J2

Open 1949 - 2003

Demolished in 2003 and replaced by the Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre in 2005.

Also known as Barn on Blanshard
Jun 20 2001

Matthew Good Band at Victoria Memorial Arena, Victoria, BC, Canada

  1. Giant
  2. Everything Is Automatic
  3. The Fall of Man
  4. Life Beyond the Minimum Safe Distance
  5. A Boy and His Machine Gun
  6. Hello Time Bomb
  7. Under the Influence
  8. Suburbia
  9. Let's Get It On
  10. Rico
  11. The Future Is X-Rated
  12. Strange Days
  13. ...

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