W. Erskine Johnston Arena Carp Concert Setlists

City Carp, ON, Canada (near Ottawa)

3832 Carp Road
Carp, ON K0A 1L0

Also known as W. Erskine Johnson Arena
Sep 21 2012

Cheap Trick at W. Erskine Johnston Arena, Carp, ON, Canada

  1. Hello There
  2. Elo Kiddies
  3. Come On, Come On
  4. In the Street
  5. On Top of the World
  6. Tonight It's You
  7. Ain't That a Shame
  8. She's Tight
  9. If You Want My Love
  10. Need Your Love
  11. Baby Loves to Rock
  12. Sick Man of Europe
  13. ...
Sep 25 2005

David Wilcox at W. Erskine Johnston Arena, Carp, ON, Canada

  1. Preachin' the Blues
  2. Downtown Came Uptown
  3. The Grind
  4. Somethin's Shakin'
  5. (My Eyes) Keep Me in Trouble
  6. Too Cool
  7. Do the Bearcat
  8. Freeze to Me
  9. Bad Apple
  10. Bad Reputation
  11. Hot, Hot Papa
  12. Layin' Pipe
  13. ...

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