Warehouse Live Houston Concert Setlists

City Houston, TX, United States

813 Saint Emanuel Street
Houston, TX 77003

Opened February 2006
Dec 10 2017

Dance Gavin Dance at Warehouse Live, Houston, TX, USA

  1. Chucky vs. The Giant Tortoise
  2. Young Robot
  3. Frozen One
  4. Flossie Dickey Bounce
  5. Deception
  6. Philosopher King
  7. Here Comes the Winner
  8. Exposed
  9. Petting Zoo Justice
  10. Betrayed By The Game
  11. Chocolate Jackalope
  12. Man of the Year
  13. ...
Dec 6 2017

Arch Enemy at Warehouse Live, Houston, TX, USA

  1. Set Flame to the Night
  2. The World Is Yours
  3. Ravenous
  4. Stolen Life
  5. War Eternal
  6. My Apocalypse
  7. The Race
  8. You Will Know My Name
  9. Bloodstained Cross
  10. The Eagle Flies Alone
  11. As the Pages Burn
  12. Dead Eyes See No Future
  13. ...

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