Washington Park Rose Garden Portland Concert Setlists

City Portland, OR, United States

400 SW Kingston Ave.
Portland, OR 97205

Sep 2 1999

Billy Bragg at Washington Park Rose Garden, Portland, OR, USA

  1. Accident Waiting to Happen
  2. The Milkman of Human Kindness
  3. She Came Along to Me
  4. The Warmest Room
  5. I Guess I Planted
  6. Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key
  7. All You Fascists Are Bound to Lose
  8. Sulk
  9. Greetings to the New Brunette
  10. A New England
  11. The World Turned Upside Down
  12. There Is Power in a Union
  13. ...
Sep 4 1998

Jethro Tull at Washington Park Rose Garden, Portland, OR, USA

  1. My Sunday Feeling
  2. Aqualung
  3. With You There to Help Me
  4. Roots to Branches
  5. Some Day the Sun Won't Shine for You
  6. Boris Dancing
  7. A New Day Yesterday
  8. Morris Minus
  9. Songs From the Wood
  10. Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll, Too Young to Die
  11. Heavy Horses
  12. Bourrée in E minor
  13. ...

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