Water Street Music Hall Rochester Concert Setlists

City Rochester, NY, United States

204 North Water Street
Rochester, NY 14604

Opened 1991

According to multiple users, the venue's own website incorrectly lists the name change as occurring in 1999. It is believed to have actually occurred in 1991.

The venue was known as Funk N' Waffles from 2017-2018. It reopened as Water Street Music Hall in 2020.

May 24 2022
Mar 25 2022

The Kiwis at Water Street Music Hall, Rochester, NY, USA

  1. Lift Off!!
  2. Bedroom Daze
  3. Strange Danger
  4. Speedrun
  5. Alone Together
  6. Death of the Party
  7. Bright Spots
  8. Mammoth
  9. Roamin
  10. Army of Street Urchins
  11. Juvenoia
  12. Still Life
  13. ...

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