William Randolph Hearst Greek Theatre Berkeley Concert Setlists

City Berkeley, CA, United States

2001 Gayley Rd
Berkeley, CA 94720

Opened 1903

Located on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley.

Also known as Greek Theatre, Hearst Greek Theatre, UC Berkeley Greek Theatre
Oct 22 2019

Hozier at William Randolph Hearst Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA, USA

  1. As It Was
  2. Dinner & Diatribes
  3. Nina Cried Power
  4. To Be Alone
  5. Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
  6. Someone New
  7. Nobody
  8. Talk
  9. Jack Boot Jump
  10. From Eden
  11. Shrike
  12. No Plan
  13. ...

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