Wiltern Theatre Los Angeles Concert Setlists

City Los Angeles, CA, United States

3790 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Opened 1931

Known as Wiltern LG Theatre from October 2003 to October 2006.

Also known as The Wiltern, Wiltern Theater
Nov 29 2017

Arch Enemy at Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA

  1. Set Flame to the Night
  2. The World Is Yours
  3. Ravenous
  4. Stolen Life
  5. War Eternal
  6. My Apocalypse
  7. The Race
  8. You Will Know My Name
  9. Bloodstained Cross
  10. The Eagle Flies Alone
  11. As the Pages Burn
  12. Dead Bury Their Dead
  13. ...
Nov 29 2017

Trivium at Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA

  1. The Sin and the Sentence
  2. Down From the Sky
  3. Betrayer
  4. Until the World Goes Cold
  5. Like Light to the Flies
  6. Rain
  7. Dusk Dismantled
  8. Strife
  9. The Heart From Your Hate
  10. Kirisute Gomen
  11. Thrown Into the Fire
  12. Capsizing The Sea
  13. ...

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