WOW Hall Eugene Concert Setlists

City Eugene, OR, United States

291 West 8th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401

Opened 1976

Built in 1857 as a church and bought by the Woodmen of the World fraternal organization in 1906. Opened as a concert venue in 1976.

Also known as CCPA, Community Center for the Performing Arts, The WOW, W.O.W. Hall, Woodmen of the World Hall
Nov 15 2022

illuminati hotties at WOW Hall, Eugene, OR, USA

  1. Joni: LA's No. 1 Health Goth
  2. Knead
  3. (You’re Better) Than Ever
  4. Shape of My Hands
  5. Threatening Each Other re: Capitalism
  6. The Sway
  7. Kickflip
  8. content//bedtime
  9. b yr own b
  10. freequent letdown
  11. Cheap Shoes
  12. u v v p
  13. ...

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