Zia Records Mesa Concert Setlists

City Mesa, AZ, United States (near Phoenix)
Jan 18 2020

AJJ at Zia Records, Mesa, AZ, USA

  1. A Poem
  2. Normalization Blues
  3. Linda Ronstadt
  4. Brave as a Noun
  5. Your Voice, as I Remember it
  6. The Michael Jordan of Drunk Driving
  7. People
  8. Small Red Boy
  9. Children of God
  10. A Big Day for Grimley
Sep 29 2018

Hail the Sun at Zia Records, Mesa, AZ, USA

  1. Gouge & Uproot
  2. Mental Knife
  3. Falling On Deaf Ears
  4. Words Of Gratitude (Parents)
  5. Never Kill A Mouse, Let It Kill Itself
  6. The Stranger in Our Pictures
  7. Relax / Divide
  8. Glass, Half Empty
Nov 5 2016

Mike Doughty at Zia Records, Mesa, AZ, USA

  1. Circles
  2. Unmarked Helicopters
  3. Madeline and Nine
  4. Lazybones
  5. Wait! You'll Find a Better Way
  6. Sad Girl Walking in the Rain
  7. Super Bon Bon
  8. Looks
  9. Looking at the World From the Bottom of a Well

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