ZOZO Marine Stadium Chiba Concert Setlists

City Chiba, Chiba, Japan

1 Mihama, Mihama-ku
Japan *

Opened 1 December 2016

Chiba Marine Stadium renamed as QVC Marine Field on 1 Mar. 2011, under naming rights contract.
After expired, it was renamed as ZOZO Marine Stadium on 1 Dec. 2016, with new naming rights contract.

Also known as ZOZOマリンスタジアム
Aug 18 2019

Zedd at Summer Sonic Tokyo 2019

  1. Spectrum
  2. Find You
  3. Bad Company
  4. Thunderstruck
  5. Starving
  6. The Time (Dirty Bit)
  7. I Want You to Know
  8. Addicted to a Memory
  9. Rude
  10. Beautiful Now
  11. Stay
  12. Lost in Japan
  13. ...

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