Steely Dan - Do It Again?

Steely Dan - Do It Again?

Posted 8 Jun 2016, 13:02:47

Attended Steely Dan in Cincinnati last night. Great concert! I'm puzzled, though. Was slightly disappointed that they didn't do “Do It Again”, one of my favorites. Then I checked the Set lists for many of their prior concerts and noticed that they very rarely ever perform this song – I found it just once in their last 20 or so concerts.

I'm pretty sure Donald Fagen is the lead vocal on Do It Again, so it's not a situation like “Dirty Work”, where ex-member David Palmer sang lead. In fact, they actually preformed “Dirty Work” last night and had their great back up singers, the Danettes, sing lead.

Do It Again was one of their more popular songs in the 70's. Anyone know if there is a reason why they don't perform it?


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Posted 10 Oct 2016, 5:02:05

I've wondered the same thing I saw SD this summer (and several times before) I've never heard them sing “Do It Again”

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Posted 10 Oct 2016, 14:54:35


I think I've discovered the answer. I believe David Palmer who sand lead on Dirty Work, also sand lead on Do it Again. I believe Donald Fagen was credited with lead but I found a You Tube video of SD on The Midnight Special. They did Do it Again live and David Palmer was singing lead. So, although I'd love to hear Donald Fagen do it and think he would kill it, I guess for some reason he's not comfortable performing it live.


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Posted 10 Oct 2016, 17:06:12

Thanks for the info Don

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Posted 28 Jun 2018, 4:38:55

I was just wondering the same thing. Do It Again is my favourite Steely Dan song and I'm going to be seeing them live for the first time next week but I noticed I can't find that song in any setlist. I also investigated if it was a case of the original lead singer is no longer there but I read that Donald Fagen was the lead singer. (I see that may not be the case though.) Or that there was a writer/composer legal case like Dennis DeYoung is the only one allowed to perform Babe because he wrote it about his wife. Maybe a tragic event or memory is attached to that song. The most extreme example of a case like that is Great White and Desert Moon the song they were performing when the fire broke out at the nightclub that claimed many lives and they said they would never perform that song again. Anyway still curious why they couldn't or wouldn't still do it.

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Posted 3 Jul 2018, 13:40:54

Do It Again has been performed 119 times since they reformed in '93 and it is sung by Fagen. Be aware that the arrangement is not like the album version, tweeks have been made. I saw them perform it in 2009. Unfortunately it has not made an appearance during the current tour. I caught them in Atlanta and was extremely fortunate to have seen Any Major Dude Will Tell You which is also a tune that isn't part of the regular rotation. Pretzel Logic has also recently appeared as an encore. Going to catch two of the Beacon Theatre shows in October (Gaucho and Nightfly nights). Dying to hear Gaucho sung by Fagen.

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