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Hey by the way pinkshift dropped out of sad summer fest on September 3, so any dates after that won’t have them perform, so there’s no need to make new setlists for them

hey doc! please reconsider the validity of adding "Opening act for". i feel it is a beneficial note. thanks! - hope you are doing well also...- lmf

Thanks. If you've never been there it's highly recommended.

The BTE show was a lot of fun, and it was great to hear some of those songs live again. I was not at the DVD tapings, I lived in Chicago back then.. though my wife was at those shows (but that was a few years before we started dating) and she's the whole reason I live in New Orleans now.

Hello, sorry to bug you -- I noticed that the Inhuman Condition shows you & hvymtlmom went to have been linked to one of two duplicate Inhuman Condition bands on this site, one of which (the one you & hvymtlmom marked present) has already been deleted from musicbrainz, so I took the liberty of changing the artist to the other Inhuman Condition (which does have an active MBID). I didn't realize that this would remove the sets from the profiles of the two of you. If you wish, here's the new Inhuman Condition set link:

Sorry for the trouble again. I've left hvymtlmom a similar message as well.

Thanks Al. Glad to hear that a place I have been to is up and running again. I just hope that more of these 'historic' music venues survive the pandemic and reopen.

I only wish Inhuman Condition had played Haven Lounge on 7/9! So glad I got to see them at their first show with Deicide (and will see them again in September). The band that actually played the Haven was called Human. Inhuman Condition only played the Brass Mug Gruesome show on 7/10.

hi, sorry to bother you! i saw you went to Whitney Houston's concert at Tampa for the 1987 Moment of Truth world tour - do you have any recordings (audio, video or even pics) from this concert? thank you!

Hi I am a major fan of Steely Dan and was wondering if you happen to have a recording of the Tampa 06 show? I have a very large trade list of 200+ uncirculated SD concert recordings to offer.

Go back and read number one where you copied that from. This falls under "Specific Tour names". Since you changed it to Obzen you now by default have Ministry listed on the Obzen tour which is Not their Album title.
C U Latour is the Name of the Tour.
Noone here has an "Album" titled C U Latour.

No problem. Not as offended as I was curious. I haven't been on here in a long time and I just got the email notification saying there was a change so I went to see what it was. Maybe they should put an "Album Cycle" option. Lol. Even the Tour shirts with the dates on them just said North America Tour

Did you roadie for the Meshuggah show you just changed? C U Latour WAS the name of that tour. It was the Ministry tour and Meshuggah supported. Their name wasn't even on the tickets. I still have the stubbs, setlist, flyers, shirts and everything.


When writing corrected type-o and grammar as a source it may be better to show people to the guidelines so they may learn something

For other languages
Titles of non-English songs are written with small letters (except for first word and proper nouns)
As far as capitalisation is concerned: Whenever in doubt, the capitalisation standards from apply.****

Is there anything in the guidelines about not making up fake setlists?

No problem Al. I am afraid that this won't be the only good venue to shut down permanently because of the coronavirus. Not much happening musically around here.
Stay safe,

hi saw ur willie nelson & family merge comment, all my pat travers also get convert to band,
im wondering why u just remove that opt to be picked as add, and have the unwanted name just listed under the wanted as an alias


When you change the spelling of English songtitles it may be a good idea to list the reason as a source instead of just mentioning correct song title.
In this way others who may be confused see on what base you edited the songtitle.
in the is written Be sure to explain why you edited the setlist. Don't explain what you've edited as this is obvious to the viewer.

I see that you changed the spelling of a song on the set list for Peter Rowan 7/11/86 that I created. This is the second time this has happened by two different "roadies". I have no idea why the two of you both insist on using an incorrect spelling. The song in question is "Midnight Moonlight" This is the way it is spelled on every album that it has appeared on, including the songwriters own credits. It is NOT spelled "Midnite Moonlite" ! If you don't believe me, a simple fact check before you make an edit would have backed me up.

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