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Hello AGPhD! Just Merriweather & maybe 'Curveball'. Hot 'Lanta is always a good stop for Phish shows. Have fun!

I'm still on the fence for Summer Slaughter. BTBAM is the only band I'm interested in, and I just saw them 4 months ago. Also, my friend that usually goes with me to BTBAM concerts will be out of town. If I do go, it will be the Philly date.

When adding a festival in the same city during about the same period you should link them together so they get displayed on the same page

thanks a lot, but you should also make a comment on the setlist itself so the proof request can be deleted.

Tonic is on the tour with Gin Blossom's and veritical horizon. Nothing like a 90's flash back. :D

Thanks for the quick response

Can you add Tonic to the venue of Rose music Center on June 13, please?

Hello Dr. Al!
Did not know that about the different stages at the Masquerade! thanks for the info. Been a while since I was last in Atlanta.
More later :)

Hi Alan, Can you update the April 14 set list for Willie Nelson. It won't open - thanks!

Cool, I just promoted you to Roadie status then! Have a look the FAQ here:

Then if you have any questions, feel free to ask here:

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