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Regarding your changes to the Willie Nelson Nashville concert, the WITH tag was not used because Willie himself did not perform on every song. This was a tribute concert where multiple artists performed, some with Willie and some without.

Yeah, good call... those multi-artists tours are always screwy. I'm sure a Mod would say all five setlists should be under one setlist or something. IDK. :) Maybe I'll try to tackle fixing them all when/if I have time.

Sorry to tell you, but you're putting new Scott Miller sets under the wrong artist. There are multiple Scott Millers, and you've just added a May 2013 concert for an artist who died in April 2013, and is in a different musical genre.


The Bowzer show was sort of difficult to annotate. One could almost replace "Sha Na Na" with Bowzer and the Stingrays. But then, Johnny Contardo & Henry Gross, who both performed, wouldn't be counted as part of the reunion? The only performers that were on stage for most of the acts were Rocky and the Rollers (except for Peter Noone's band). The Stingrays seemed to participate in a song then leave and reappear for another. Anyway, maybe another attendee will have a different take on the event?

Do you think 12/7 concert at REH should be listed as Peter Noone or Herman’s Hermits starring Peter Noone: ?
I was there.

Venue Madeleine already existed, what's more you changed the masculine and feminine naming for the hall :)

LOL! I was like three feet to left during that The Aristocrats show!

Funny enough, it was also my third time seeing them this year. :) I saw them as support for BTBAM in SF in March, and with Agent Fresco in Bratislava in Sep. I did not expect it but yesterday's performance was by far their best! I agree that they are very special!

Doc Green! So awesome to keep running into you! Hope it happens again at Steven Wilson.

Best wishes,


Hello, Professor. These shows are billed as Eric Martin with 2 of the guys from Trixter, not as Trixter alone. They are playing today at Rockfest in Miramar. Perhaps I'll see you there...

Rocker Fan V

Not at all. It probably never would have been noticed if you hadn't changed them to conform with the vast majority of his listed shows. I think I'll change them right now before I forget.

I never noticed that the pre-1966 Dick Dale setlists are wrong. They all should be Dick Dale and his Dil-Tones. I'll try to get around to changing them later.

well, it is not strange that he plays multiple shows at a venue with one or two days off in between, but in this case you are correct. The official Roger Waters site only shows one Tampa gig in 2017, so I have merged the two.

Hey there! It appears both of the Sara Taylor sets at Smart Bar have been canceled based on -
Thanks for your help

Cool. Well hey, thank you very much for your help! Have a good one.

Hmm... Somehow in the past, someone was able to help me out with changing from year to roman numerals. If you check the other Cold Waves from past years in Chicago, they're all roman numerals.

Hello! I see you're adding events for Cold Waves VII in Chicago this year. Could you please change the formatting of the festival itself from Cold Waves 2018 to Cold Waves VII, and include the Crash Course in Science/Ruby show tonight at Empty Bottle, along with the Smartbar events, all part of the festival? Thanks!

Hello Al!
Yes. The Hooks are support act for the tour. I suggested to another user to use a seasonal tour designation or perhaps they are promoting a new album for the tour name. - lmf
>>Three of the most legendary bands in rock – The Cult, Bush and Stone Temple Pilots – are teaming up to create a tri-headlining event like no other: the Revolution 3 tour>>

No worries. Try not to do that though. A blank list is better than an inaccurate one. Thx!

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