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Dylan, as far as I know, there was only one show in Nantes that day and it was at the small venue called L'Escall. I still have the ticket. And I perfectly remember the venue especially the cover of I'm the walrus. Found a report of the concert (in French) :
It also says the venue was L'Escall.
Hope that helps.

Hi Dylan, I attended the Oasis concert in Saint Sébastien sur Loire nearby Nantes in 1995. The concert was at a small venue and memorable. Unfortunately I don't have any photos or videos of the event.

To my knowledge, Oasis only played one show that night at the Esccall in Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire, near Nantes.
And to my knowledge Oasis has never played in his career at La Trocardière in Rezé.
Best regards.

Hi mate, I'm afraid the only thing I have is a ticket stub. At the end of the show some staff members handed out big Be Here Now posters for free (I sold the ones I got long ago).


Hi Dylan,

I'm sorry but I dont' have any photos or videos from that concert, you were not allowe dto enter any camera at that time, and my mobile at that time couldn't record, or film.

I remember the Seahorses opened for Oasis and that there was a problem with the stage because not everything had arrived on time for the set-up , but the show was great and it seems the set-list uploaded here is quote accurate, as far as I can remember.

if my friends or I find anything I'll let you know

Best regards.


Hi Dylan. Similar to everyone else, no photos. But I do remember BBC were filming the Stoke gig for a programme called the o-zone if I remember rightly. It was hosted by Jayne Middlemiss and they filmed the queue outside and interviewed fans. Scott McLeod was filling in on bass at the time,, Verve were supposed to be support for the original gig but split up by the time it was rearranged.

Sorry, Dylan - no smartphones back then as someone pointed out, so unless you were an accredited photographer you would have had to sneak a camera in! Have you tried the local paper? Le Progrès may have images in their archives.

Hi Dylan, sorry to disappoint, but I didn't have the opportunity to take photos or videos back then. But the story of that show is actually a little more interesting…
They sold too many tickets for the gig at the “Wappensaal” (which was another make shift concert venue at the old Munich Airport) on January 12th, 1996.
I'll never forget the moment I heard the announcement on the radio and frantically ran to my pin board to check my ticket number as they said that anyone with a ticket number below so-and-so could attend the January gig and anyone above that limit would not be admitted to the show, but would be put off until March 27th.
So the info on here was incorrect.
They did play a show on January 12th at Wappensaal - which I was lucky enough to attend - and another one “next door” at the Terminal 1 on March 27th.

Hi, it's an interview not the concert. And it's on tape, I have no tape player at home...Sorry.

Hello Dylan. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos at the time. I'm sorry!! Kind regards and all the best... Stef

Hi Dylan, Unfortunately i don't have any photos or recording from Oasis gig in 'Geneva 1997'.
And i'm also looking for any audio or video from that show !
Feel free to contact me if anybody have this, thanks.

Hey buddy!
Sorry but no, I don't have any recording at all, nor photos.
No smartphones at that time!

Hello, no images or sound from Lyon 94...Just some memories...Saw the band in Belfort in 95, and meet Liam for a radio jingle. I've got his message on tape and the first album signed...

Hi - no photos or videos from that Oasis gig but I do have my ticket stub! I also remember Liam getting very angry with someone who shone a laser pen in his face!

Unfortunately no photos or videos from Oasis 97, sorry. But their landing in Barcelona was legendary, check https://youtu.be/OrwY0OHJol8?si=dCaKWegpZzz0KS60

Unfortunately no photo's - a couple of stories from the day like watching Noel trying to teach Liam how to play guitar backstage and standing with all the band at the side of the stage watching REM but, sadly, no pix.

Hi Dylan
I'd love to support but I'm very sorry but that time I wasn't using any cameras at concerts. It was the time when we all enjoyed concerts without doing recordings you never watch again (damn, I miss these years). I've asked my brother who joined that concert - even him didn't had a camera. We had beers in our hands. :-)

Hi mate, unfortunately I don't have any photos or recordings of this concert.
Mobile phones didn't exist back then