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Name Edward Haddon

Animals, meat, gaming, films, gigs, heavy music, horror, travel, urban decay, nature, cyberpunk, sci-fi, grump, idiot, gym, Cornwall/Plymouth UK.

Single yet corruptible.
Producer on short film Exit Plan.
Associate Producer on short film Survive.
Actor "Lazy Dan" - Barman in Exit Plan.
I am lucky enough to film bands at Bloodstock from time to time.
I drive bands, lug gear and sell merch on tour.
I go to lots and lots and lots of gigs (from 1997 onwards).
Filmed video footage for metal band Malefice - music video "Omega".
Scar on right hand thumb from an air-rifle incident.
I reek of virgin behaviour but have actually had sex a few times.

I have a YouTube account with over 1000 videos of gigs I have been too - Edd731.

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