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hi Hunts. I'm looking for a video of the monsters of rock 1984 concert of Van Halen. I was the US G.I. that was thrown up on stage by my drunk buddies. I'm dying to see the second time when the same bouncer came at me and I turned around and dove back into the stage. The first time David Lee Roth look at me and said get the F off my stage pal. do you have any contacts that may have access to a video? I have seen small portions of it but can't find the full video. Thank you.

Hi . I have seen you was on Blackmore's Night show in 1997. Do you have any recordings of their shows? :)

you`ve been to the Monsters of Rock 1983 in Kaiserslautern. Same as I was. This was my first concert ever.
I am looking for a HighRes picture of the festival poster or even better the original poster.
Can you eventually help me? I would highly appreciate it.
My mail: matapalo1@gmx.de
Thank you in advance, Greetings from Germany

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