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Name B. Lukas. L.

Do You Like Spicey Food?

- wannabe archivist who likes System of a Down and hates modern pop.

Tip for those that want to send one files from concert they attended:
use google drive in case your files are way too big.

Shows I May Go To:
Primus, And Coheed and Cambria - Redding Civic July 12
System of a Down, Deftones, The Mars Volta, Viagra Boys, and VOWWA - Golden Gates Park August 17
Scars on Broadway - Aftershock October 11


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I don't have any recordings of SOAD. I wasn't a big fan of them before, but enjoyed their live set at that Ozzfest and liked their music more after seeing them live. It was one of my few and last mosh pits.

Hi, I do not have pictures or videos of SOAD since this was still the pager era! I don’t really remember their Ozzfest sets, but the Sno-Core 2000 show was memorable. I was there to see Mr. Bungle, but SOAD was the headliner and didn’t disappoint. There are many full set videos of that tour on YouTube, and this is from the show I went to:

SOAD was great from what I remember! Only saw them headline once, with Mars Volta opening. Might have a low quality pic or two lying around, and maybe some audio. I'll check and get back to you.

Saw SOAD on a festival tour. I have no pictures or video. They were fairly unspectacular. They are a 3rd tier nu metal band imho

Howdy! They were great! I didn't get any pics as this was pre-smartphone era for me, but I was at this show and the whole thing was posted online:

Hey, just saw your comment about the SOAD show at Harpos in Detroit. I didn't record it and I'm not aware of anyone who did. I was their for Slayer and Clutch and honestly had never heard of them before that night. I can't remember much of their performance but I do know I wasn't that impressed. I've since grown to like some of their work.

yo! i saw them and i didn't get a ton of videos from it cuz the crowd was just BUMPING but definitely you can find clips online!

Yes I recorded all 7 sets on audio and I have the physical setlists from 10/15/21, 10/16/21, 2/4/22, and 2/5/22. Also got a picture of the 10/18 one.

SOAD is AMAZING live! I saw them at Sick New World in Las Vegas. I'm not the biggest fan of their music per se, but they put on an amazing show live--and I'm glad they headlined that night. Visuals and sound were all there.

PM here,

I don't have any recordings of SOAD from Sick New World 2024 myself but here is a recording of the full show from YouTube:

Hi! I saw the message in my profile. Sadly I saw SOAD 20 min because I wanted to see Sleep Token (First Time). If I see material i will let you know. Sorry for not helping you.

Got your message about SOAD at Sick New World 2024 - I have no picture or video but there is a TON of material from their set online. If you are having trouble fining it on google, start with the Sick New World official Instagram. That Instagram has a lot of shortform posts from their set that all credit other users who provided the footage. I would use that as a jumping off point to find people with footage

Got your question about SOAD at the Blue Note... no memories of SOAD at all as I was loitering in the lobby waiting for Slayer instead. Good luck on your hunt!

hey, saw your comment and yes i do have footage of soad! stuff from this year and last year are both on my instagram @nora_miller07 :)

Saw your message!
Yes I attended Sick New World 2023 and 2024 and System Of A Down both times! They are still fantastic live! There are people on the internet who complain about Serj and how he doesn’t scream anymore, but he still had great energy and still sounded phenomenal! I don’t have a ton of videos from 2024, but there’s a guy on YouTube posted the entirety of 2023 and it’s a great show to listen to! Hope you get the chance to see them!

Hey, I do have videos on my YouTube. SOAD @ SNW23. Will upload a few from SNW24 later this week.

I do not have any recordings of SOAD from that tour - it was my second concert and I was very young without a proper camera. I was there mainly for Rammstein which I also have no recordings or pictures of. I do remember one of SOAD visuals being a clip from Evil Dead 2 but sadly not much else. Rammstein was promoting Mutter and there was a meet and greet offer, but you basically had to miss Slipknots set - which I did.

Hi, i did attend the gig in Manchester in 2001with my partner and we both still have our tickets.
I don't have footage from the 2012 gig as i don"t like to use my phone when attending gigs.

Hi, just saw your message. Unfortunately I do not have any footage when I saw SOAD last year. That said, there are a ton of footage on Youtube.

A few weeks ago, you left a comment on my user page. "Good Evening, I see that you attended a system of a down show that has no available sources for its existence. I want to know if you happen to have any sources like photos/videos/tickets to confirm this shows existence"

I'm afraid I don't have any of that. However, PunkNews, a very useful website, has every date for the second leg of the Mez/Hyp tour. here you, and have a great day.

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