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No footage of SOAD in Sunrise FL. Good show about what I was expecting but I gotta say I was more impressed with the opening act Mars Volta.

Hi there, no recordings or video from the SOAD show at Greenfield either on my side.
Also, I have to be honest, I was a bit disappointed by that gig. First time seeing SOAD live, after seeing several wild, punk rock infused performances online. The Greenfield gig felt more mellow, not much of an edge to it in comparison to what I was expecting. So maybe it was just me as thousands of people were very, very happy, but I was disappointed. :)

Sorry, no footage of the 2005 SOAD Greenfield show. Good luck! According to the Swiss national TV was their media partner at the time, so I would recommend to ask them:

Sorry, I don't have anything from that SOAD show at the Zenith. It was the time before smartphones...

Yes i have also about 600 bootlegs od them including scars on Broadway and swej tankian

Sorry, I don’t have any footage of SOAD from Sunrise.

I probably took a cell phone video or two, but that cell phone took a backflip into a pint of beer and got completely fried! It would have been absolutely awful video anyhow. I still remember the show being awesome though!

Sorry...I don't have any footage either.

Asked around, and no one recorded any of it.

I didn't take any video from the System show, but I've seen videos from that tour on before.

Sorry, I have no video from that System show either

Not a bother at all. No iPhones at that point and probably didn’t sneak in a camera. But I had a damn great time with my general admission floor ticket.

I wish I did, but no footage of the show, sorry.

Sorry, don't have/know of any footage from that System show. Good luck!

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