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Digievolution of ezkutharitz. I've made the AllMuseLives site, and I'm part of the Uno Live Database project. MUSE and so many bands more...


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Mesedez ez asmatu setlistak... Berri Txarrak ikusten egon nintzen Ezkaraien ta ez zan izan hori lista iñundik iñora...

Hi man! I see you changed ‘Knights of Cydonia’ on the Royal Albert Hall setlist to ‘Knights Of Cydonia’. All the other times they played it’s marker on the setlist without the capital ‘O’ so can you please leave it this way? Otherwise the statistics won’t make any sense. Thanks!

Hi! Do you have video from concerts of SOAD??

You should log in to AllMuseLives tonight ;)

An example of what will be seen, when completed, with all the songs is this:


While it's unlikely we will ever have 100% of all performances, Fury (as an example), has 23/31, or 71%. With a 75% targeted goal, we are almost there without access to many bootlegs. With additional bootlegs uploaded, like Rouen Zenith 2004, we are one step closer to the 75% goal. Showbiz and Origin songs will likely never meet the 75% goal, but most Black Holes, Resistance, etc. songs can go even higher than 75% with your help.

In addition, if you would like to help, adding links to templates would also be lovely :) Thanks again for your feedback! I've followed your MuseGig twitter, I have an Uno CD profile pic.


I love your dedication to putting up Muse audio onto Youtube from old videos! In addition to being on Setlist.fm, I'm also running the MuseWiki Live section, so links to the audio makes my job sooooo much easier. I'm wondering if we can do some sort of contract of sorts, where you upload the audio and I host the links to your uploads on the site. In a way, it would be helping both of us out! Specifically, we're looking for bootlegs from 1999 until approx. 2007.

I would upload some of the early audio myself (the ones seen on MuseLive and MuseBootlegs) but my editing systems are very poor. As you've already got a large selection on your account, it would only benefit us both. I'd love to hear your feedback on this, and I'll provide an example of what the site's progress is looking like right now:


Thanks again for all your dedication to the community!

Self-happy second birthday on setlist.fm! x)

Sex Machineguns didn't play in the US in 2003, also silk japan hall doesn't exist, and never did exist.

Even setlist.fm corrected the title into Byzancio / Byzantium. Don't look at just statistics, look at the official album track listings.

Re. Toundra in Haarlem 2015-02-21... Why are Marte and Cielo negro with English title but not Bizancio? I checked the official album track lists, and they show Byzantico / Byzantium. Why did you remove that?

Hey, if you have the March 31, 2000 Muse bootleg (Columbus Value City Arena), could you perhaps upload/post it somewhere, or send it to me? I would love to hear it as I can't find it anywhere

The setlist dates are in Last.fm. The songs in YouTube if you search.

Do you have any sources about The Script's setlists?

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