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About Always on My Mind, I think it's better to post this on the problems with songs forum. Maybe other mods already have had the experience that somebody recorded his version (not as composer) before the first released one, but released it many years later.

Apparently London's Burning by Selecter is not a cover of Clash song

Good finding https://www.springsteenlyrics.com/lyrics.php?song=satansjeweledcrown_original
Found three other versions on setlist.fm as Santa Jewels Crown.
Maybe you didn't know but to look for songs, you may double click the search box on top of each page, then you can do an advanced search.

"Time Song" is a good track. I still don't understand why it wasn't released when it was written.

I must have added this from my phone as there was no link or information provided. I do remember that they were listed as playing two shows that day but I can't find a link to the Hinman book right now. Sometimes it's there, sometimes it's not. Feel free to run any Kinks/Davies stuff by me before using the forums if you wish.


Thanks and the same to you. There has been some debate about whether or not that song should be listed and how it should be done. Many times Ray used it to lead into "Alcohol", "Lola" or a different song and it has been entered as a medley. I also think it is okay to use an @Info tag with the other song or @Unknown when it is played alone with the song information in the brackets. Any of those options seem okay to me.

The improvised song titled "NYC Blues" or "NY Blues" is something that Ray Davies sings in different cities changing the lyrics to reflect the city he is in. It is better not to list it as "New York City Blues" to avoid confusion with those actual songs.
Thanks for your accurate updates to the Kinks/Ray Davies setlists. You are doing a great job with them.

Hold off on the Don Nix song. There is some question as to whether it should be Don Nix or Alabama State Troupers. As long it has one of those as the cover artist we can easily batch-edit to the one that is chosen. But any other ones should be changed to Nix or AST.

Right now I am using Don Nix for the Going Down cover. We will probably have to decide if that is correct or the Alabama State Troupers one should be used but any other cover artists for the song or Sha Na Na setlists should be changed to one or the other.

Thanks, I have used that resource before. The Top Money listings are quite reliable. Unfortunately some of the other listings and articles aren't as good.

We're here to help each other and try to make the best out of it.

About Someone Else Is Steppin' In in my opinion, but some other mod may differ, we'll see if someone will answer, that's the original title so it's a cover of that song without the adding in brackets.
Hopefully someone will answer too about the Buddy Guy medleys or different songs, because they're listed both ways. I know in a medley you don't add the original artists. That's a shortcoming of the program.

If you reply on your own profile page, it's possible I won't ever see your reply.
Is there somewhere a recording of those 'medleys'?

Please read https://www.setlist.fm/guidelines#setlistMedleys
If you write (>>>) after each song I suppose you mean all the songs were played in a medley.
Please undo all your changes.