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No pics or videos from the show. Sorry.

I do have a few pictures that turned out pretty decent. I'm not sure how to upload them anywhere-they're actual photos, not digital files. If you want, I could take pictures of them and send them to an email for you?

Unfortunately I do not have any audio or video from that show. I do, however, have some black and white photographs(mainly of Billy) from that night. Good luck!

No, same with me, no Mr. Big bootleg.

I saw the Bump Ahead tour in San Francisco, California at the Trocadero Transfer

Sorry, I don't have anything from the Mr.Big show..


Thanks for your comment on the Mr. Big show. Sorry, I don't have any audio, video or photos from that show. Just my ticketvoucher:

Hi Mat,

Same as the others, I unfortunately don't have a recording of that show. I will always remember the shows I saw at Kingswood the best. Great place to see bands, and a lot had just released their best albums of that genre. Good luck in your search!

I didn’t record the show, but it was a killer set! Good luck on finding it.

I didn’t record the show, but it was a killer set! Good luck on finding it.

I'm afraid all I have is good memories from the Mr. Big concert.
To be honest I was never a huge Mr. Big fan. But my friend convinced me I should go with him and I didn't regret it. To this day I can't remember many singers that owned an audience to the degree that Eric Martin did that night. Mr. Big was always a bit to polished for me, but god*amn they had (have?) a brilliant front man!

Hi, Mat.
Unfortunately, I didn't record the MR. BIG concert.
I still remember that it was a good one though.
Hope you find the recording somewhere!