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AC goes on before Malev.

I don't know how to reply to you, other than doing this. I was in the middle, like 1 person back from the girl who passed out. I should've tried to make friends with the tall guy so I could get a copy of his video! Hindsight! Hopefully it'll show up on YouTube soon!
Thanks for responding :)

Matt! Were you the tall guy a few rows back center recording the whole thing last night?!? If so, when are you uploading that to YouTube, or what can I do to get a copy?!? The whole show was great (and weird!), but I cannot believe how amazing Rubber was, and I really wanna hear it again <3

Hey Matt, were you at the Alter Bridge/Skillet show in Baltimore last night? Could you please let me know who was on stage last, as in who closed out the show, AB or Skillet? I'm attending an upcoming night on this tour and am only really interested in seeing AB, so trying to work out if I need to be there early or not.

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