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1960s. I don't like country music. Let me just yodel along to Frank Ifield. Favourite Beatles song? Love Ringo on "Act Naturally".

1970s. I don't like country music. I like "west coast rock and folk" - things like Gram Parsons, Emmylou, Dr Hook, Allmans, Outlaws, Arlo Guthrie etc Oh and Eagles but they're "country rock, country ROCK"!

1980s. I don't like country music. I like new wave - Elvis Costello especially. My favourite album is "Blue".

1990s. I don't like country music. Just listen to the radio nowadays; that Shania Twain is okay.

2000s. I don't like country music. If I listen to anything these days it's whatever my daughter plays. Currently? Oh it's Taylor Swift.

2010s' I'll just tune into Bob Harris' show on the way home. It really all comes under the term "Americana" you know.

2020s - Oh alright then give me Kacey, Marin, Cassadee, Carter Family, Johnny, Waylon, Willie, Bill Monroe... (Yeehah).

Or to put it another way, anything from Hank to Hendrix...


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