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Fuck did I leave miss the encore

Thanks for reaching out and thanks for the 1000 artists congrats. I am sure it is more but I have trouble recalling many shows from back in the day. At different points in my youth, I worked for Star Lake, Diceaser/Engler, Elko, and various other promoters and later promoted some shows with another group that I co-founded.

Thank you also for the notification because I had not yet added the last couple I went to :)

If you happen to also have any videos from the openers of Anamanaguchi at Mr. Smalls or from their show (+ openers) at Spirit in 2021 in addition to the Hella Mega show at PNC Park in 2021, also looking for anything from those shows. Thanks so much again!

Hi ProFiction, email is on my profile (recordinginquirer @ outlook . com (separated to weed out bots) for the Anamanaguchi videos, thank you so much for reaching out!

1,000 is incredible. Nice job, and congratulations.

Finally got home from the tour and was able to download both of the files. Thank you so much!

Hey! I saw that you recorded the Sparta show on 08/07 at Thunderbird Café. My wife and I have been following them on tour for the last week and next few days, and last night was my birthday. Is there a way you could share the recording with me? Thank you!

Are you going to upload the Aquabats setlist from 7/2

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