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Wrote them down by memory when I got home that night! But I look forward to someone coming forward with video of the event to correct any mistakes I may have made

LOL no, sadly their set didn't include Buck Dich that night. That must have been a casualty of the curfew as well, so there was no humping to be had. But they had plenty of pyro in that small indoor stage!

Hello! I don't recall Rammstein doing the Ramones cover when I saw them in Pittsburgh in 2001. If they did, then I must have left the club a bit too early, which I try not to do (and hopefully someone has video of it!). But if memory serves me right, the venue had a curfew, so they may have skipped the second encore. Too bad, because I would've loved to hear it!

Yes, I was at both shows. Sorry, I thought I had corrected it.

Hello ;)

Well i was there Dude Lol

But if you dont belive it ;(

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