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No sorry, no audio or video of the Camden show.

Hi, I just saw your message. Sorry, no photos from the Peter Gabriel concert in Dortmund, just the official audio.

Hi.... No Peter Gabriel photos... I'm happy to watch his various live DVDs....

Hi Sasha,
I don't have any private recordings or photos from the shows. I buyed the official Bluray and 3 official recordings from the Real World Series.
Greets from Duisburg Werner

Hi Sasha,
sorry, but I didn’t record or take photos. I prefer to enjoy the show and buy the blu-ray/DVD after the tour.

Hi, I just check and I don`t have pics or videos from the concert. Only have one picture in front of Arena, with that gigant clear ball :)

Double CDs from 2003 and 2004 official mixing board recordings from Real World, recorded in London, Zürich and Locarno. Concerts i visited as well.

I have some photos from Peter Gabriel concerts but I was involved in the technical crew so I didn't have any amazing unseen pictures or anything.

Hi, sorry no records of these PG Concerts

Sorry Sasha,
I don,t have foto’s/ recordings of The PG shows.

Yes, I own the Double CD Live recording of this concert, released by realworld/
At the moment there are 2 to be sold at discogs.

my apologies, no media from Peter Gabriel's show in Tweeter Center, Camden, NJ in 2003

Sorry no recordings of Gabriel in Camden in 2003.

Sorry no. A full audio of every gig on that tour was available from if that's of any interest.

Hiya, no I didn't record any shows from 2003/4, but I did get a CD of the Wembley Arena show from 2004 from, and I think they're still available.

Yes, the egg was lowered onto his head giving the illusion that he had a gigantic head. It may have started to sway back and forth a bit. I remember thinking it looked like he almost lost his balance a couple of times. Maybe he was afraid of sustaining a head/neck/shoulder injury.

Sorry, I never record shows - it's illegal! I did, however buy an official recording of the concert from PG's website.

Sorry, I didn’t record the PG show. It was awesome though. I seem to remember at the time thinking that the stage production for My Head Sounds Like This didn’t get pulled off quite right and might have even been slightly dangerous. Probably why he pulled it from the setlist. Feels good to have seen one of the only ones, it’s one of my favorite songs from that album.

Hi. I didn’t record the 11/12/02 PG show, either.

Hi. Unfortunately, I didn’t record the 2002 PG show, though I certainly remember that song being performed. Good luck on your search!

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