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My apologies. I did not realize there were back to back Sincere Engineer shows. That's pretty uncommon at Bottom Of The Hill and I assumed it was an error. Turns out it was my error. Can you fix it or do you need me to do something?

Thanks for your additions to the CVB 12/30 setlist.

Can you correct the Cracker one if you think it's wrong? I copied it from one of the other nights which seemed similar, and changed the encore to what they played on 12/30. If you don't think they played "I hate my generation", can you delete or replace it?

Hi, just wondering if you saw the last comment, and if you could help with both Cracker and CVB set lists from 12/30. Thanks.

Can you correct the Cracker / CVB 12/30 show? I was there but don't know every song. I entered the set list by copying from another show and making a few changes, like the encore which I knew.

I don't know much from CVB, so I need a lot of help there. I only have the El Camino Real and La Costa Perdida albums. So they played a lot that I don't know. Can you please provide the setlist? The girl next to me got the setlist. I should have asked to take a picture of it.

Do you have any idea about the Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker setlist on 12/30?

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