Hi my name is Andrew and I'm an alcoholic (jk, felt like an AA meeting). I'm randomly spontaneous and spontaneously random. No matter what I'm doing or where I am I'm always singing very loudly, and badly. I like going to concerts. I am a gig whore. I start mosh pits at gigs. Good music is appreciated by headbanging. Hardcore dancing is just lollable. I have been known to scream at cars as I cross the road. You know you loved it. I play pool with friends sometimes. I say play, I'm rather shit at it. It can be funny though. My life is sad boring and every day is pretty much like the last. However it is mine so I don't care. I have been known to say "lol" in normal conversations. I wear black nail polish. I am not gay. Sorry guys.

But don't be fooled cause underneath my fun exterior lies someone who cares deeply for all his mates and would do anything for them. Even if that means killing you. You have been warned.


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