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We talked about the Genesis Trick of the Tail tour once before. I was there and I can say for 100% certain it was not at the Kitchener Auditorium. It was at the University of Waterloo PAC Center.

Thanks for reverting the change. I would ordinarily not complain but it was such a great concert and I remember it very well. My girlfriend was attending the University of Waterloo at the time and she was the one that bought the tickets.

You have changed the venue from Westfalenhalle 1 to Westfalenhalle 3 for the Genesis Lamp tour. This is not correct! I watched the show and I know on the ticket was printed "Westfalenhalle 3", but due to the high ticket requests the Concert Management moved the show to "Westfalenhalle 1". You can believe me :-) I remember very well this fantastic show!!!

I hate to dispute your change but I was at this concert with my girlfriend. It was at the University of Waterloo’s PAC (Pysical Activity Complex) and I clearly remember the night. It was definately not at the Kitchener Auditorium. I still have the ticket stub.

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