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Howdy, I see user Danhurley has also come after your edits. I've reached out to one mod (who Danhurley previously reached out to) explaining the situation, and also commented on your post in the forums. I also invited Danhurley to post there, so that the community and mods could reach a consensus rather than he just unilaterally removing tours from the shows that we've added. Just know that I agree with you 100% and would appreciate your continued input in these discussions until the site settles on a firm policy. I've also decided personally that it's not worth the effort to keep re-adding the tours (as Dan will keep removing them), until a firm answer is reached. Based on messages he left me, I am also fairly sure that he's a troll. Let's keep on keeping on and not feed the trolls! Cheers, fellow decent user! - Jake