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Name Daniel

Visiting concerts in Germany and neighbour countries..
Mostly female artists.
Visited countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Hungary.

I submit only concerts i have visited. When i add tracklists, they are complete and in the right order. Sources are in most cases the orignal setlists from stage, technician or own notices.

Finally i have added all my visited concerts from the last years (from the artists which are available). About 20 concerts i cant add, because the artist is not available or im not sure how to name the location. But now its time for the songs.


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It looks as there was no concert at 31.7.21, not even without Faber. Which 100% would make sense. Why Sophie and Dino Brandao would play that concert alone? Having published the record together?
So maybe we should delete the one on the 31st... (as you told me you were there on the 1st of August too...

You‘re right. I checked my ticket and I was attending the one of August 1st…
Sorry mate, rgds, m

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