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Ah ok. That page looks much better haha. I was abit bamboozled by the other one. I've got some great stuff to share especially for sugarcubes fans. I have their only ever gig in New Zealand too and their last one at the limelight club in 92.

My mother's gonna have a look at it for me. She's much more tech savvy than me and I cant see how to download. But thanks so much im useless at these torrent things haha. I used to trade by sending cds there's 4 gigs I would like on there. How would I upload things to the torrent though? I've never actually done it before.

Thanks alot I really appreciate it. I've hit a bit of a black hole with cubes recordings over the last few years. I've deffo got alot to upload as well gathered over the years. Some are of varying quality. Thanks so much! I've already seen 4 on there that I don't have and I got 4 from YouTube recently.

Hi there. What's dime-a-dozen? I noticed you mentioned it and I cant find d anything about it. Thanks!


I have noticed that you have been at the Download Festival '06 (June 11, 2006). Do you by any chance have any recordings from The Prodigy's performance? I'm looking for a recording of 'Heatwave'. If you have it, could you please send it to Thanks!

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