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toadies beer show was it full on noise electric or leaning more toward acoustic

did u know ahead of time it was vaden? would have gone but did not get notified
this week is messy, shows on the same days i want to attend
thurs of course 2 of my favs local h and everclear but also john sebastian at poor davids
so my plan was local h at 7p drive to john sebastian 8.15-10.15 drive back to gasmonk for end of everclear, but they added art dj set 1st and pushed start to 7.3 so now local h
not until 8.15 so i will miss local h really disappointed think ive only missed local h 1 b4 at texas stadium w metallica cus i hate stadiums, will get to see more of everclear now
will be at wildflower but have to choose between goo goo dolls and jimmy eat world same time overlap, sun could not figure out how to see toadies in ft worth and david crosby at granada so skipping toadies, really hate it when more than one fav on same day, i will enjoy my shows but wonder what i missed, have fun this week not sure i will run into u at wildflower maybe at everclear, think i saw a pic of u online at ftworthlive from back a pink shirt person, if u want me to look for u at the shows give me aheads up which acts at wildflower and where u might be and if u will stand out again pink, everclear guessing u will try for the rail again cus ur earlybirds right i always drag in at last minute and have to work my way up

so how was the hagar collective soul and new imf venue. r there any cheap parking opts. had the show on my list but skipped it. i know which show u will be at tonight 9-16 i bet, look for me i would enjoy talking with u 2 about shows. wish i could have seen all those early cheap tricks shows at clubs like u did. looked thru ur shows we have very sim taste in bands

r u the guy in the social distortion t shirt i talked to outside rrodeo?

hi, toadies local h denton, which person u r, i see ur name and several other idnames on many shows i also attend, im sure ive seen and met several of u, wondering if u want to reveal urself, im sure u have seen me, i had a great time 2 of my fav live bands

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