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Hi Diane -- Responding to your note about the Billy Strings show at the NorVA. They did indeed play two sets that night, and I was indeed there (Here's a photo I posted on twitter: . I also shared a video with a few clips from the night stitched together here: ... The end of the video is from the encore (He played "Freedom") at approximately 10:25 p.m. and you'll see after the song finished the room was still almost completely full. Hate for you that you missed half of the show (although the first set alone was certainly worth the $17.50 cost of a ticket).

I didn't track the entire set and I just added what I knew they played for sure, which is why some of the songs are missing from that page. And it looks like no one else has uploaded the full set. If you have any other questions about that show, shoot me a note over on Twitter @treywilson757.

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