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Sorry John. No footage or photos. Good luck on your search though.

Sorry, unfortunately no footage. I just have some photos that I took but the Up in smoke DVD is a great representation of the show that took place only it was here in Toronto. It was such a great time. If you do happen to find footage please let me know. I would love to have that too

Huge Metallica fan still! Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Filter! Great show! Have some great stories from that show including getting the limited special wrist band to get right up on the stage. Dr. Dre was pretty damn good too! The only footage that I have ever scene from this rare and great show is on youtube. Good luck on your search.

Hi there,
I was there only for interest and because I was working for the local promoter. The only thing I remember is the big amount of parents waiting outside to pick up their kids after the concert... :-D
But I am no big Eminem-fan and I don't know anybody who took pictures or made videos. Sorry!

John, I don’t have any footage. That was probably the worst concert I’ve ever been to. That piece of shit Eminem only played 7 songs and was on stage for only 35 minutes!!! He was the headliner and that’s all he did, and there wasn’t even encore. I drove 200 miles to see him and that’s how crappy of a show he put on. I was a huge fan before I saw him in concert but after that show in 1999, I’ve never boughten any other albums by him or given that piece of shit anymore love or money! I even threw my concert t-shirt I bought there in the garbage when I got home. Everybody knows rap shows are boring but this was absolutely pathetic.

Hello, sorry for the delay I had to look around. No, I dont have any videos or pictures from that concert. I wish I did. I do have some excellent photos from other shows but not the 2000 Up In Smoke tour

Hey John, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I don't have any footage from Eminem & Dre's Paradiso concert. Yes it was quite amazing, I only managed to get tickets as I working at their record company (Universal) at the time.