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Frequent concert goer, been at it since I was a kid in the 80s. I have gone to a bunch of rock and metal artists over the years. Need to do more international festivals but have hit most of the big ones in the USA. I don't care for social media much but you can find me on Instagram. I suck, I know I need to put more concert videos and pics up but who has time for that when you going to shows a few times a week? Hit me up if you hitting a good rock/metal show in Socal.


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Hey, do you have any recordings of Oliver Tree's set in 2017 at Outside Lands?

Sent you an e-mail back last week, let me know if you got it.

I see you were at both the shows I drove down to San Diego for. I went a little crazy on the festivals in the summer to make up for not having any the previous two years. If you need any info on going to a European festival, let me know. The Priest show is one of many 'maybe's I have for the rest of the year. I like Priest and I love Queensryche, but I have seen both a lot the past few years, so it might depend on the setlists and how good the new Queensryche album is.

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