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Hey - Saw you reverted the Joe Ely @ Tramps, NYC 10.11.1995 set list I corrected. Now sure why you believe that is correct. I was at the show and recorded it. So I have the set list from what I am listening to. And there is also evidence that the show was longer than what you reverted to as posted https://archive.org/details/cd_joe-ely-live-at-tramps-nyc-oct-11-1995_joe-ely. You have no notes as to why you believe the shorted set list is accurate. Please leave it alone. Regards.

Hey Michelle, Can you please check the sources I've left behind at Blondie's Isle Of Wight 2023 setlist before reversing it to it's INCORRECT state?
Thank you very much!

Hey There,

I saw that reversed the changes I made to Blondie's Isle Of Wight 2023 setlist.
If you check the YouTube link of the broadcasted version I left behind you can actually see that the changes I've made are in fact correct.