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Hey from a fellow =w= fan! My name is Jason and I'm an admin at Weezerpedia. I saw you attended a Weezer show in Salt Lake City in November of 1994 and made the page for it here. I just put a first draft together of our wiki's page for that show, and I wanted to ask if you think there's anything we should add! Check it out:

I wanted to also ask two questions: the first is about the fact that Rivers apparently didn't perform during this show. According to the band's historian, he was sick and couldn't sing, and the other three band members went on stage without him. Do you remember this? If so, what was it like? How did they divvy up singing?

I also wanted to know if you had any record of the setlist from the night, or if you just recounted it from memory for the page. If the latter, are you kinda approximating the songs, or are you sure this is what they played?

Yours in turning it down if it's too loud,