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Sorry for my very late response. I still got all of my Tickets and will keep them. I don't sell them.

Hi, sorry to answer you late. that's a nice proposition, but I'm not interested. thanks and good luck!

Only have e- tickets. Let me know if you're interestef

I've only got an e-ticket, but if you're still interested email me at, thanks!

Sorry. Do not have ticket anymore. Good luck with your search!

Hi, yes I have the ticket for this concert (besides a great souvenir!) but I am not selling it. sorry, and good luck!


I don't know whether I sell mystub. I think about it and send you a new comment the next days.

Sorry, I didn‘t find it. It seems that I don‘t have it anymore

No luck finding my Metallica stub. Sorry!

hi, still have it....two of 'em....let me know your email...send you a picture

HI, it's on the front. I can send you a pic if you give me your email

i do haev the stub from the Metallica concert. However is not mint, I wrote the setlist on it. Still interested?

Hey dude. Ill look for the Metallica stub

Hi renegade74',
Thank you for your request. Yes, indeed, I still have the ticket. Please apologize, I do not sell any tickets of shows I visited.
Take care

Hey, i have etickets from that concert in 2013 in abu dhabi. Let me know if you're interested at ashdenth at gmail dot com

Yes I have my ticket for Metallica/Dio 1990 show in Hannover. So I don't sell it or buy one
BR Bernhard

I don’t sell my stubs sorry. I have them all the way back to 87 lol

Ich muss mal nachschauen, ob ich das Ticket noch habe

I do have mine from that show

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