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I was listening to Neon Bible a lot over the weekend and then saw that Hammerstein announcement. I don’t think I’ll be allowed another excursion though so my AF tour days are done for this year!

My wife is a huge CYHSY fan going back 15 years or so. I’m not as familiar with their stuff outside of the more popular songs. We’ve seen them a couple of times this year. They’re pleasant… put on a good show. Decent Thursday night out for $20.

Yeah, end of show worked out remarkably well! I started moving over to the back corner, but there was a lot of moving traffic with people going to and from the bar and restrooms. Thought I’d head back down the wall a bit toward the stage, and ended up in prime position for their walk-off. :-)

Hey, I assume I was talking to you and your sister at Friday’s Arcade Fire show given the presence of the Berkeley concert in your stats!

I’ve got the same handle on Instagram if you’re on there. Might run into you in Ottobar next time I’m up in Baltimore.


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