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Yeah that was a great SOAD show. No, I don't think I have any pics or anything. Maybe a ticket stub...

Hi sorry just saw your message from back in August. I only have my ticket stubs plus I think somewhere I have a promo sampler cassette from the Slayer tour. It looks like this.

Sorry, I don't have any memorabilia from when I saw them.
I wish I did.

Sorry buddy, I may have the tickets from the shows in my binder, but other than that, no memorabilia hanging around. Unfortunately, those were the tender days before we could record and take photos of everything.

I have a ticket stub, maybe, from the system of a down show- will have to dig for it however

I lost it all except for one photo of Daron coming out of the back door of the Electric Factory with his face painted wearing a fur coat right after the show. I'll try to dig it up.