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Sorry for the delayed reply, as I don't check here often. You asked about a 2006 Steely Dan show in Scranton. To my knowledge, I don't think I taped it, but can't be certain. I moved a year ago, so when I start going through boxes of old music stuff, I'll reach out if I happen upon it.

Hi only saw you’re comment just know. Sorry no recording, which I did. Great concert.

NO recording of RUSH in Greensboro. Sorry. I wish I did. It was an epic night.

Hi, sorry just seeing this years later. I do not have a recording of Steely Dan at Blossom in 2006

Hi there, never saw your comment on my page until now - I do not have any recordings from that Steely Dan @ Gibson Ampitheater show in 2009. I think I recorded some of the songs on my old flip phone, which I am no longer in possession of. Hope you’ve been able to find some elsewhere, sorry I can’t help you out here.

Hi, sorry I do not have a recording of the concert. Mel

Hello! I'm sorry I saw your comment on my page so late. You had asked about a recording of Steely Dan at the Taft Theater in Cincy 2009. Sorry, I do not have a recording of it. I sure wish I did, but sadly it's not the case. Good luck in your hunt!

No, not a taper. And the venue in Baltimore was so tough on cellphones, nobody could even take pics or vids there.

Hi. You asked "By any chance did you record the Las Vegas Steely Dan show on audio or video? I am a very big collector"

Sorry, i only have small clips from the show - nothing worth posting.

You asked: "Hello by any chance do you have a copy of The Sunday's Lyon show from 1990? I am a major collector and have an extensive trade list to offer."
My reply: Sorry. No I do not. Please let me know if you get one. I was there and had dinner with the band backstage after the gig. Great evening. Great memories.

Just now saw your question... I do not have any live recordings of REM (at TAMU or other). Would especially love to hear/get the Houston Astroworld '86 show I attended. Seems like it circulates, but have never seen anyone claim to hold it. Good luck!

No 2006 Steely Dan in Burgettstown. Wish I did.

Hi taperanonymous . Sorry : no audio-recording for my NanCY-gig in 1994 ... . I've just noticed that you could find 7 songs from this concert on YouTube, on this profil : - iceblinkpl - . But , be aware that he made a mistake .The venue wasn't at the big place of Le Zénith . In fact this show takes place at La Salle Poirel , a theater " à l'italienne ", for the NanCY JaZZ Pulsations Festival .

Re: Susanna Hoffs

Yes, I taped it myself. Tape is complete but the show was only 70 minutes.

Hi I do, but I have no means of exchanging at the moment. I'm very much an analogue only guy for the time being though digitising my best live tapes is on the to-do list.

I didn't. But I'll ask around.

My recording was complete garbage and was tossed.

I don't have Belly '95. Funny thing is I did tape the show but didn't know what I was doing and it didn't turn out at all.

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