Tour Update: Dustin Lynch

This past September, country singer-songwriter Dustin Lynch released his third studio album, Current Mood. More of a country-pop vibe than straightforward country rock, Lynch explores many moods on his recent endeavor. The album boasts beat-heavy production, with wistful numbers like, “Sun Don’t Go Down On That,” to pop-tinged “Small Town Boy” to the sincere ballad, “Love Me Or Leave Me Alone,” resulting in a 13-song collection that’s both alluring and emotionally-accessible. When Lynch isn’t reaching the deepest depths of one’s heart, he’s just having a good time with songs like “Party Time” and “I Wish You Were Beer.” With his third and latest record, Lynch finds his best ‘mood’ that anyone would want to be around to experience.
Dustin Lynch - "Small Town Boy"
Lynch is currently on the road bringing his latest album to life. Before his Ride Or Die Tour kicked off, he stopped by our studio and explained what considerations go into creating a setlist, why this new album is made to be played live, and the ideal flow of a show. “Building a setlist is an on-going process for me and the band-guys, especially with a new album coming out. We have all this new music and we’re always looking at what the next single is going to be. It’s a constant rotation,” Lynch stated.
As far as how the songs off his new album came to life, Lynch told us, “I’ve started really writing for the live show because that’s what I love to do, what I live to do. That’s what makes our world go around (the live show). As I’m writing songs, it’s always about how’s this going to make the crowd feel, what element is this going to bring to our live show. This newest album, Current Mood, is all geared towards moments in our live set, which is fun, that makes the concert experience for us a lot more fun because we are not having to force anything visually. It’s all been done from the ground up.”
"As I’m writing songs, it’s always about how’s this going to make the crowd feel, what element is this going to bring to our live show."
Lynch has a certain way of keeping the flow of his live shows strong. “I like to take our show on a ride. I like there to be highs and lows. We kind of take people on that trip, that emotional rollercoaster, and of course you always gotta end with a bang,” the country singer said.
Tour Update: Dustin Lynch
Dustin Lynch’s next show is on December 2 at PlayStation Theater in New York. His Ride Or Die Tour runs through December 17 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After a break, he returns for another North American jaunt beginning January 25 in Los Angeles at STAPLES Center. For more info on those dates and his album, Current Mood, head over to his website.
To see Dustin Lynch on the road, visit Live Nation.
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