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  • Anal Cunt (US grindcore band)
  • Anal Cunt (hardcore; Sebastian Ringmaier)
Apr 25 2011

Anal Cunt at Fubar, St. Louis, MO, USA

  1. Hitler Was a Sensitive Man
  2. Anyone Who Likes the Dillinger Escape Plan Is a Faggot
  3. Caring About Anything Is Gay
  4. Beating Up Niggers That Sell Fake Crack
  5. Even Though Your Culture Oppresses Women, You Still Suck, You Fucking Towelhead
  6. I Got an Office Job for the Sole Purpose of Sexually Harassing Women
  7. Get Out
  8. You're a Fucking Cunt
  9. I Respect Your Feelings as a Woman and a Human
  10. Picnic of Love
  11. I Sent a Thank You Card to the Guy Who Raped You
  12. I Lit Your Baby On Fire
  13. ...
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Anal Cunt

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