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Mar 6 2020

Argus at Hell Over Hammaburg 2020

  1. Abandoning the Gates of Byzantium
  2. A Curse on the World
  3. By Endurance We Conquer
  4. The Damnation of John Faustus
  5. Durendal
  6. Pieces of Your Smile
  7. Devils of Your Time
  8. No Right to Grieve
Mar 23 2019

Argus at The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls, Millvale, PA, USA

  1. Devils of Your Time
  2. As a Thousand Thieves
  3. From Darkness...Light
  4. By Endurance We Conquer
  5. Boldly Stride the Doomed
  6. The Ladder
  7. Four Candles Burning
  8. Cast Out All Raging Spirits
Sep 14 2017
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