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  • Bad News (Spoof Heavy Metal band)
  • Bad News (Richard Jonkman, hardcore/gabber)
  • Bad News (German punk band)
  • Bad News (Lee Douglas and Ron Morelli)
Nov 5 1987

Bad News at Hammersmith Odeon, London, England

  1. Bad News
  2. Drink Till I Die
  3. Masturbike
  4. Vampire Spunk Merchants From Hell
  5. Hey Hey Bad News
  6. I'm Going To Scream So Hard I'm Going To Scream My Bollocks Off
  7. Hey Mr Bassman
  8. Bitch Hell Mother
  9. Life with Brian
  10. Stairway to Heaven
  11. Warriors Of Ghengis Khan
  12. My Generation
  13. ...
Bad News setlists

Bad News

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