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Jun 14 2014

Crucifix at The Observatory, Santa Ana, CA, USA

  1. Annihilation
  2. How When & Where
  3. Skinned Alive
  4. Prejudice
  5. No Limbs
  6. Another Mouth to Feed
  7. Search for the Sun
  8. Indochina
  9. Three Miles to Oblivion
  10. See Through Their Lies
  11. Death Toll
  12. Blind Destruction
  13. ...
Feb 26 1984

Crucifix at Live Bauplatz, Venlo, Netherlands

  1. Three Miles to Oblivion
  2. No Limbs
  3. Death Toll
  4. Another Mouth to Feed
  5. Indochina
  6. How When & Where
  7. Skinned Alive
  8. A Steelcase Enclosure
  9. Blind Destruction

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