Daevid Allen Setlists

Nov 26 1993

Daevid Allen at Genesee Center for the Arts, Rochester, NY, USA

  1. Intro Rap
  2. Dope on the Dole
  3. Poet for Sale
  4. Koori Clever Woman
  5. Came to Find You
  6. Drunken God
  7. Sexual Blueprint
  8. I Love Sex But
  9. Brothers
  10. The Rapist
  11. Guitar Piece
  12. I've Been Stoned Before
  13. ...
Nov 22 1993

Daevid Allen at Club Soda, Montreal, QC, Canada

  1. The Owly Song
  2. I Am My Own Lover
  3. Est-ce que je suis?
  4. French Garden
  5. Gong Song
  6. O Mother
  7. GAIA
  8. Dope on the Dole
  9. Came to Find You
  10. The Rapist
Daevid Allen setlists

Daevid Allen

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