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Mar 23 2017

Devon Sproule at Roundhouse Studio Theatre, London, England

  1. You Got Me Singing
  2. Newest Oldest Chapter
  3. You Can't Help It
  4. Trees at Your Mom's
  5. The Shallow End
  6. More Together
  7. The Gold String
  8. Tree Detail
  9. Listen To This
  10. Drawing Circles
  11. Superstar
  12. ...
Apr 19 2016

Devon Sproule at The Grace Emily, Adelaide, Australia

  1. Runs in the Family
  2. You Can't Help It
  3. Don't Hurry for Heaven
  4. If I Can Do This
  5. Keep Your Silver Shined
  6. Old Virginia Block
  7. Why Not Give God a Chance
  8. Drawing Circles
  9. In Front of Your Loved Ones
  10. The Gold String
Oct 31 2014

Devon Sproule at The Tin Music & Arts Centre, Coventry, England

  1. The Opposite Muse
  2. Jana
  3. You Can't Help It
  4. The Fan
  5. Make It Safe
  6. Nobody Tells Me A Thing
  7. The Shallow End
  8. The Gold String
  9. The Unmarked Animals
  10. You Can Come Home
  11. Say It Again
  12. Plea for a Good Night's Rest
Oct 15 2013

Devon Sproule at Junction 2, Cambridge, England

  1. The Shallow End
  2. You Can't Help It
  3. Colours
  4. Heidi Hi
  5. The Fan
  6. The Unmarked Animals
  7. Julie
  8. Orange
  9. You Can Come Home
  10. Nobody Tells Me A Thing
  11. Runs in the Family
Devon Sproule setlists

Devon Sproule

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