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Nov 10 2018
Jul 8 2017

Dragonheart at Metal Warriors 2017

  1. Far From Heaven... Close to Hell
  2. Kill the Leader
  3. Arcadia Gates
  4. Dynasty and Destiny
  5. ...and the Dark Valley Burns
  6. Eyes of Hell
  7. Queop's Escape
  8. Crusaders March
  9. The Blacksmith
  10. Gods of Ice
Jul 16 2016

Dragonheart at John Bull Pub, Curitiba, Brazil

  1. Kill the Leader
  2. Far From Heaven... Close to Hell
  3. Mountain of the Rising Storm
  4. Princess of the Dawn
  5. Eyes of Hell
  6. Dynasty and Destiny
  7. ...and the Dark Valley Burns
  8. Queop's Escape
  9. Rebellion (The Clans Are Marching)
  10. The Blacksmith
Aug 10 2013

Dragonheart at Clube Recreativo, Guarulhos, Brazil

  1. Eyes of Hell
  2. Arcadia Gates
  3. Dynasty and Destiny
  4. ...and the Dark Valley Burns
  5. Queop's Escape
  6. Mountain of the Rising Storm
  7. The Blacksmith

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